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Client Portal Recommendation

SuperOkay makes it a cinch to create intelligent documents with essential components like text, images, and headings. In addition, you can add interactive modules, such as pricing tables, Q&As, approval buttons, embeds, file requests, and more, allowing you to design a custom and interactive experience for your clients.

You can start by choosing one of SuperOkay’s content templates, which include varied briefs, proposals, status updates, and scope changes. All are customizable to your liking, and you can save them to reuse in future documents. You can communicate with clients via documents and comments; you can assign each other action items with specific deadlines. Action items can refer to a document section—encouraging clients to sign in all the right spots.

You’ll never have to worry about your requests getting lost in a poorly managed email box again. SuperOkay lets you customize each portal to match the current project or client brand. In addition, the detailed design options give each project its defined space, allowing you to separate your work visually.

SuperOkay gives you clean, customizable portals to effortlessly share all the project files, assets, and tasks with your clients, keeping your clients and your projects on the same page. You can send progress updates, set due dates, send Client approvals, and shoot it out to the client through the portal. Then it will be in the portal where the client can go in and look, and they can also look historically for what has been done for the project and then basically follow it along. There are also many great ways to communicate with your client without you having to reach out to them. Everything works through the client platform.

SuperOkay Pricing

Now the pricing structure shows that either you’re a freelancer or a team because they have three plans; the first two show that they are for individual people, and the final plan is for teams. These three plans differ on the custom domain, the white label solution, and the number of team members you can get. I chose SOLO+, and I like the value of the white label, the custom email domain, and having three total team members.

Alternatives to SuperOkay

And now the alternatives to SuperOkay. The first one is Clinked, which cannot be customized in the same way that SuperOkay is because, with SuperOkay, we can change the entire design profile with the colors and integrate with more than 100 apps. The learning curve for my clients and the overall quality of the look and function made this something I couldn’t fall in love with long term.

The other option is Basecamp. They have been in the industry longer, and they’ve been able to build a product that has more features than SuperOkay. But because SuperOkay is integrated with more than 100 apps, their direction is becoming an exciting choice within the client portals. For Basecamp to be a good option, I would have had to go with the $99/mo Basecamp Business account. However, with the $59/mo SuperOkay account, I have all I need and can tell SuperOkay is innovating quickly to surpass Basecamp soon.

Future of SuperOkay

Now the future for SuperOkay looks very interesting. First, they’re working on project templates, meaning we can make our client portal look how we want it to look. We can now work with colors and fonts, but with project templates, we can customize the feel of the website how we want it, and we can start with a template and work from there. They are also working on adding Google Docs and Payment integrations. For now, I have just used posted links in the portal, but adding the payment integrations will be nice. And last but not least, they’re working on a Zapier integration. I hope that once Zapier is in, they’ll also add Pabbly. These additions will open up more than 3000 other apps with which we can integrate SuperOkay. So when all of these features are implemented. We are looking at an almost perfect tool.

Pros & Cons of using SuperOkay

What I like about SuperOkay is that it’s so easy to use. The UX is working very well, and because it’s so customizable, we can match the portal to our client’s project. And then, the reusable blocks make it easier with each project I set up. But, the biggest thing for me is how easy it is for my clients. It isn’t overly complicated. It is very intuitive, and my clients all agree that they like it more than the previously used WordPress plugin.

I want SuperOkay to work on deeper integration so we can pull data and show it on our client platform in more ways than embeds. I would also like to see improved communication functions. For example, clients can leave messages almost anywhere, but there isn’t a chat function. Though there are several options for adding chat, I would like to see it integrated. And then last but not least, the overall design of the client platform is locked, it is an intelligent layout, but we cannot move the modules around.

Last thoughts about SuperOkay

With SuperOkay, you will save time. In addition, your client can always access the client portal to see the project’s progress, contracts, and more. It’s a terrific client portal, and I have not found a better one for the price.

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