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Simple Pricing for Support

Keeping up with the technical maintenance of your site will help improve user accessibility and your website’s search optimization. These plans are created for clients who do not want to deal with technical updates or security issues. Distinctly Developed is available to support you. And, if you’re looking to be completely hands-off, we have an option to provide regular content updates.

Custom website development requires consultation and starts at $1000. Reach out if you would like to learn more.

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Social Media

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Social Media

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Regular Maintenance

Custom Domain Email

2 Hours/Month Support

Social Media Integration

Monthly Maintenance is Included with all Plans!

Basic Maintenance
  • Weekly updates of plugin security patches. 
  • Apply core updates as soon as they post.
  • Apply security updates on your theme every month
  • Your site is backed-up every week to have a recent copy available in case you need to recover from an attack. 
  • Distinctly Developed stores five backup copies of the website at all times on a 3rd Party secured drive that is separate from your hosting account. 
  • We monitor 24/7 for any attempts to hack or add malware to the site.  
  • We monitor website downtime and contact your host when we are notified that the site has gone down. 
  • In the event of a malware infestation, we have tools available to clean off any destructive code added by hackers. We receive alerts when bad code is found and remove it immediately. 
  • We send monthly reports on the health of the website. 
Web Hosting and Monitoring
  • Distinctly Developed can work with any Web Hosting vendor that allows 3rd party access. You are not required to move your site to work with us.
  • Distinctly Developed is monitoring your website for downtime. A scan is run every 6 hours to ensure your site is up and running. 
Backups of Your Website
  • A new backup will be taken each time a WordPress update is done.
  • Distinctly Developed will also store a monthly backup at a 3rd party secured storage, separate from your website host, for security purposes.
  • Five copies are on hand at all times. 
  • Our backups do not take up storage on your hosting account; however, we need room available on the hosting account to run the backups. If we do not have enough space on your account to get a full backup successfully, Distinctly Developed will contact you about upgrading your hosting account. 
  • Backups will be kept for two years following discontinuation of service unless removal is requested. 
Malware and Hacking Detection
  • Distinctly Developed will be monitoring your website for malicious code or malware. Your website will be scanned every six hours to check for problems. If the scan returns positive, we will perform the following steps for malware remediation. 

    1. Distinctly Developed will use the tools we have available to try and clean the website.
    2. Distinctly Developed will contact you to update you on the infestation and cleaning steps. 
    3. In some cases, removing the malware or bad code can cause damage to the website; if this happens, we will contact you and discuss the timing of the changes you have made to the website. If possible, we will try to revert the site to a backup or a clean copy of your website and rerun the scans. 
    4. Distinctly Developed will continue monitoring the site to ensure we have clean scans. 
    5. Distinctly Developed will also check Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools) to make sure Google has not red-flagged the site for containing malware. If Google has red-flagged the site, our cleaning tools create a certificate that Google accepts as evidence of a clean site. Distinctly Developed will submit a request for review to Google to remove the flag.

    If your website becomes infected, and our measures listed above cannot clear the attack, or we are unable to get clear scans, the site may require additional programming. At this point, Distinctly Developed will contact you and discuss further action on the site. Additional programming at this point could result in a Pay-Per-Request charge. 

Domain Email is Included with all Plans!

What is Business email?
  • A business email is an email address you use for your business that matches your business name or the domain of your website. It is an email address that ends in @yourbusiness or @yourdomainname, plus your top level domain (e.g. .com or .site), whereas a free, generic email will have a generic domain. Since your business email is aligned to your business name, it allows clients and customers to recognize you, and helps to gain trust and legitimacy.
Does Email include a spam filter?
  • Yes. We use Titan Email for our Business Email. Titan comes with advanced anti-spam, where all inbound email messages pass through a spam filter before reaching your inbox. Using Titan will dramatically reduce junk mail and vulnerability to viruses. All your messages on Titan are encrypted and are safe from spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and other attacks.

Up to 2 Hours of Support each Month!

What if I don't use my 2 hours each month?

If not used, the 2 hours roll over to the next month. The hours can accumulate for a larger project. The rollover hours are available to you as long as your plan is current.

Can I have additional help with adding content or making changes to my site included in this plan?

The ‘WordPress Only Plan’ does not include additional site changes, but we are still here to help. All requests are billed at our pay-per-request rate of $88/hour.

The ‘WordPress Maintenance with Support Plan’ includes 2 hours of webmaster support each month. Use the Support hours to make updates or changes to your website. Anything you need a web developer to handle that you can’t do alone.

How do I submit a request for website help?

Support requests can be sent to [email protected] or call us at (979) 574-6202. Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm CST. Our staff can always assist you and handle requests during these hours.

What if I need more than 2 hours of support in the Support Plan?

You always have the option to use our support services at an hourly rate of $88 in addition to your monthly balance. When work is completed, you’ll be able to see your updated balance in your portal. No work will ever be completed outside of your available balance without prior approval.

Are there limitations to how often can I contact you under this plan?

Distinctly Developed has no such limits! We’re here to take calls and emails from our customers as often as needed. Unfortunately, some webmasters only allow their clients to email them once a week or incur extra charges. Not us.

5 Posts with Social Media each Month!

Social Media Strategy & Audit
  • We conduct an extensive social media audit of all the various platforms and pages you use, looking at the creatives, the type of content you publish, and your audience engagement.
  • We then create a comprehensive social media strategy to help you meet each channel’s sales and engagement goals.
How will the posts look?
  • Posts include a single image post each week and a special monthly post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for five weekly updates. Single posts will be resized to the requirements of each platform.
  • Additional Platforms are available at $19/month per platform. However, you’re more than welcome to share the posts to as many locations as you would like.
Do we or you come up with the post ideas?

Both! If you have specific posts you want, then we will make them. If not, then we’ll come up with great post ideas that fit your business.

Can I approve the posts before they are posted?

Yes, you review the posts before they are scheduled for publishing. You also have the chance to leave feedback on every post so that we can learn week over week.

What if I don't like a post?

We are happy to provide revisions for the posts.

Can I provide my own photos?

Yes, you can upload your photos so we can use them in the designs. If you don’t have images, we’ll use great stock photos or illustrations instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help picking a plan that is right for you? For more information on pricing and features, sign-up for a Free Website Consultation

What is the difference between Maintenance, Support, and Social Media Integration?

Maintenance is included in all plans and includes the tasks listed in the Maintenance section above.

The Support Plan adds 2 hours of webmaster support each month. Use the 2 hours to get help from one of our web developers or let them roll over and save them for a more significant project down the road.

The Social Media Integration includes everything from the lower plans plus two on-brand social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each week or four times a month.

Do these plans require a contract?

Yes, all packages require a One-Year Term Contract.

What are my billing options?

You have the option of either annual or monthly billing. You will receive a 20% discount for paying for the year upfront.

Can I use these plans for more than one website?

These plans cover one website. We offer special pricing to bundle multiple websites. Request a Free Website Consultation for specific pricing.

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