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    Almetco recycling

    I can not say thanks enough to Robert. He build a fantastic website for my recycling business. He was such a wonderful person to work with on my website. The service was above what i expected when i hired distinctly developed to build a website for me. Great job and highly recommend for your website needs.

    • 2 years ago (Edit)

    I can not say thank you enough to Robert. He knows websites and all the things it takes to build one like I know my business, skincare. I had no idea where to start with my website for my skincare line. He took charge of my ideas in my head and made them a reality, all the way down to the logo and font choices. I was spending so much time trying to figure things out and what these terms and codes meant and was wasting time that I could have been putting into my brand.
    I let him take the reins, and it’s more than I could’ve hoped for. His dedication to his projects is almost impressive as he is… but he’s my husband 😉
    Check out my site, Beautiful By Storm, to see some of his work

    • 2 years ago (Edit)
      • Thanks! ☺️

        Beautiful by Storm has a bright future! I can’t wait to see where it takes you… us 😉

        • 2 years ago

      Tuma Plumbing

      Distinctly Developed built me a fully functional and fantastic website, and then when I updated the logo on my van, they redid the website to match in just two days. I also reached out to have them add BBB logos when I received them. I like that all of my business reviews are rolled up onto one page and that customers can click to leave reviews on multiple sites from my website. I recently asked about adding a video, and Robert said it would be no problem. Excellent service.

      • 2 years ago (Edit)

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